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From $50/per month

AZ Cloud the local Cloud Solution provider

AZ Cloud the first Angolan commercial Cloud service provider, that enables that local services and applications are available to the local service providers.
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From $50/per month

Cloud Services

Back up your files, services and application in a Cloud that is reliable, stable and close enough to your business to make a difference
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From $80/per month

Cloud Security

Ensure the security of your files, services and applications with our Cloud focus security services, that includes Firewalls and other features.
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From $100/per month

24/7 Technical Assistance

Benefit from a dedicated team of qualified technicians to support your company and ambitions 24/7.
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Search You Domain Name

Domains only from $3.99/per year

Our Clients

Here are some of our many success stories.

Caixa Angola
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Use Cases of AZ Cloud

Some of the current applications of AZ Cloud

Secure Data
Secure Data


Virtual Machines - Infrastructure as a service, a server infrastructure accessed over the internet or dedicated links that can be deployed as a service.

Security Services

Secured and restricted access to Cloud Services, ensuring the integrity of clients Data and continuous operation of services

Data Storage

Virtual machines - especially designed to store data, allowing for read and write functions and accessible via a private network or secured IP

Plataforms as Services

A variety of patners Platforms available to suite the needs of our clients supported by our infrastructure.

Popular Plans

Choose from any of our predefined made plans or contact our sales team for a custom solution


Starter Plan

Cras ex justo, bibendum eget nunc fermentum, sollicitudin lobortis libero
10GB Storage Space
50GB Bandwidth
10 Free Sub-Domains
100 E-mail
Accounts Control Panel & FTP
From $2/per month
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Advanced Plan

Cras ex justo, bibendum eget nunc fermentum, sollicitudin lobortis libero
20GB Storage Space
75GB Bandwidth
25 Free Sub-Domains
175 E-mail
Accounts Control Panel & FTP
From $4/per month
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Premium Plan

Cras ex justo, bibendum eget nunc fermentum, sollicitudin lobortis libero
40GB Storage Space
150GB Bandwidth
50 Free Sub-Domains
500 E-mail
Accounts Control Panel & FTP
From $7/per month
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Founder Startup Startup Plus PME PME Plus Corporate Corporate Plus
vCPU (Cores) 1 2 2 4 4 4 8
RAM (Gb) 1 2 4 8 16 16 32
Storage (Gb) 50 100 100 200 200 400 400
IPv4 Dedicado 1
Sistema Operativo Window Server (+13$) / Linux
Escabilidade Sim
SLA 99.90%
Taxa Instalação Grátis (1 mês de cação)
Total $99.00 $199.00 $215.00 $430.00 $499.00 $590.00 $999.00
PROMOÇÃO - 12 Ano serviço
Total $49.50 $99.50 $107.50 $215.00 $249.50 $295.00 $499.50
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Why Choose Us

AZ Cloud has the ideal services and the dedicated support to allow companies to focus on their core activities and grow with peace of mind.


24/7/365 Support

Dedicated technical support with our team of professionals with our 24/7 NOC

Everyday Backups

Daily Backup of services in our Cloud, assure that your data is secure and retrievable with ease

Easy Start

Kick start with a little effort and begin operations in a easy and effortless manner.


Configure your Cloud infrastructure to suit your needs, increase RAM, decrease Storage, create a custom service for your needs.

Data Management

Manage your resources with ease and your Data and Cloud resources.


What is cloud computing

Cloud computing is described as the process of using a network of remote servers, hosted over the Internet, to store, manage, and process data rather than hosting it locally. Essentially, cloud computing is using someone else’s infrastructure and hardware, reducing the amount of capital investments your business needs to make.

How do I develop a cloud strategy?

Developing a cloud strategy begins with outlining your technical and business goals. Understand which drivers for your business to migrate to the cloud and which solutions these drivers require. Your cloud strategy may be starting small and gradually, or your business may be in a position to deepen. Once you have identified your needs, Companies can better understand if their cloud strategy should include public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions. set a roadmap and timeline to execute your move to the cloud.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cloud?

There are many options for moving workloads to the cloud and most will depend on your business and cloud strategy. Companies may choose to slowly move their entire IT environment to the cloud or just one task. Most companies use the cloud for both short- and long-term data backup. Application-based workloads can also be moved to the cloud (ie CRM, Marketing Automation, etc.). Test and development operations can also be outsourced. In fact, the ability to turn environments on and off in minutes, scale them up or down on demand, and access data from anywhere is a big draw. Another outsourcing can be discussed with your cloud service provider in this case AZ Cloud.

Will my company need to hire more IT staff to handle the transition?

As one of the key appeals to working with a cloud service provider is that they deal with the intricacies of your cloud transition, you don’t need to hire additional staff when moving to the cloud. However, having some internal IT knowledge is helpful to ease the transition. If Companies do not have existing IT staff, consider AZ Cloud staff to help you take advantage of the services that cloud providers offer and provide advice.

How does AZ Cloud work?

AZ Cloud works like any other international Cloud, the great advantage is that it is hosted in Angola / Luanda in the neutral Data Center and connected to national IXP’s / PTT and consequently to national ISPs.

Thus, ensuring a cloud more connected and prepared for the needs of the local market.

How do I know if the cloud is right for my business?

Companies that choose to move to the cloud do so for several reasons. The benefits of flexibility, scalability, cost savings etc. are compared with availability concerns. It is important to assess whether the cloud is ideal for businesses from a strategic and operational perspective. Does your demand for IT vary throughout the year? Are your IT costs affecting your ability to grow as a business? In this case, Companies may consider a cloud option that can be easily scaled.


Companies should also evaluate their current IT configuration to understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, especially in the following areas:


Service – How important is security, reliability and flexibility for your business? Is your current solution meeting your needs? Is there room for improvement?

Technology Scenario – How many business users are there? What is the geographic distribution of your user base? Do your employees need remote access?

Cost – Are companies satisfied with the costs of your on-premise solution? Are the costs to extend or upgrade services acceptable?

Ease of Migration – When did the company last invest in significant investments? Do companies have any contractual and vendor commitments that restrict migration?

Answering these questions can help you understand if the cloud is a good fit for your business.

What do I need to do to prepare for the cloud?

Many companies don’t take time to consider what they might need to implement before moving to the cloud. Most of the time, preparing to move to the cloud is simple and only requires a cloud service provider to handle the transition. However, one of the biggest things to consider is your network bandwidth. With pressure on local Internet connections from cloud computing, Companies may consider upgrading their bandwidth or investing in SD-WAN technology to increase connectivity.

What is the easiest workload to migrate to the cloud?

Overall, the easiest and most common workload to move to the cloud is backup. Backup as a Service (BaaS) is easy to use and helps mitigate key business continuity concerns regarding downtime and data loss. Cloud-based backup can be used for multiple environments or just one environment – depending on the restrictions your company chooses to place on cloud usage.

What kind of security parameters does the cloud have?

With cyber attacks on the rise today, security is a major concern. Cloud providers implement various security parameters so that, in the event of an attack, your data is secure and can be restored. These tactics include encryption, identity management, and physical security. Vendors must also have business continuity plans in place that utilize redundant hardware, backup generators, and other measures to prevent downtime.

What is the difference of being in Angola?

Firstly, we ensure that information from our clients is never stored outside the country thus reducing the chances of attacks by third parties;

We guarantee superior experience using virtual machines, platforms and other services as you do not rely on international connectivity to access your contracted services;

Payments for services rendered locally in local currency, thus reducing our customers’ financial charges.

AZ Cloud in 3 easy steps

With Just 3 easy steps get AZ Cloud to aid with the growth of your business.


1. Choose A Plan

Pick from one of our pre-defined plans or customise your services according to your needs and requirements

2. Make the Order

Request the service via our website or get in touch with our sales team to get the service that better suits your needs

3. Deploy your Service

With the aid of our team, deploy your service that is in line with your needs and requirements

AZ Cloud Low Latency Local Cloud provider

AZ Cloud is the ideal infrastructure for latency sensitive application in the Angolan Market, with response below the 30ms on locally deployed applications.

Bring applications closer

Locally deployed have a better performance and are more responsive than their counterparts. Deploy your applications and services in AZ Cloud and see gains and improvements allowing a better experience to your end clients.

Local Content for Local Market

Develop local content based services with our platform of services.

Keep your services closer to the end client, in a secure, reliable and resilient Cloud.

Local Currency

Pay for your local Cloud services in the currency your business is most comfortable. Keep local content local with local Currency.

Quick to deploy

Deploy services quickly with local support in order to meet the demands of a competitive market.

99 % Uptime

AZ Cloud assures outstanding uptime with the reliability of our infrastructure assured by Tier III like Data Centre design, operation and quality of service.

  • Concurrently maintainable mechanical and electrical system
  • N+1 backup capability so the system is able to have 1 backup in place should a component fail
  • Multiple links, dual-powered paths, and components
  • Multiple Connectivity options with fiber, microwave and V-sat connectivity options